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Dedicated to Rezi and Mas Sidi

I write this post just for my Senior High School friend, Rezi. And my course friend, Mas Sidi.
And also my parents. If you're not one of them, pls dont read this :)

I hope the subjects who we talk about dont read this post also. Cause I think it's impossible for the subject to find this blog. Maybe there any possibility for them to find this blog. But I think it's not easy and nearly impossible hehe..
Cause she is not often do the 'blog walking" :D

First, for my friend, Rezi.

Zi, do you still remember our trip to one of your friend? Sorry, no name, that's our rule :D (like in The Transporter Movies). That evening we were going around the city, mostly in the eastern. Do you still remember when we called the subject to ask its home, I asked you to call the subject cause if I called, the subject will recognize my voice.

But, how silly I am. We use my cellphone, and amazingly the subject still save my number. I don't know about that :D
So it's useless I asked you to pretend to be someone else who call her because my number still saved in the subject's phone.

We called the subject twice cause we had lost, we don't know the street to go to the subject's home. We cant find this portal in that street:

The Portal

If you pay attention to the pic, there're some changes from our last visit. It has re-painted and now the alley has been paved (asphalt-ed). Our last visit the alley was muddy, right? :)
It's reasonable for us to lost. Cause we never go to "G" Market, the subject said the home near the market. If you dont understand what is "G" Market, just message me.
And worse the subject said the portal's color is blue. Is that blue? It's green right :)

We arrived on the location when Maghrib comes, so it's dark. Do you know in front of the subject's home there's a garden like this?

And we did Maghrib Pray in this Mosque. Do you still remember that?

This is the only clue that we've got from the subject after we find the portal. And at last, we did find the Mosque.
And this is the Mosque we did the Maghrib pray:

There's a street in the south of the Mosque:

There's a hill. Nice view isn't it?

And you never see this environment in daylight, right?

And it's time to go home.

This is the portal from inside the alley.

And this is the Traffic Lights that we had wrong way chose the street :D

After that we met Mas Dhidhik Nini Thowok (Mas or Mbak ya?) and you impressed and why so much with him wkwkwk lol
You know what? Now your friend of your friend has married and now live in Japan. I don't know any more updates from the subject. Actually I'm a 'lil bit annoyed to the subject because the subject ever ignored me waiting outside in the subject's uncle house fence. I was waiting for 1 hour, I called many times but no answer from the subject's phones.


And this message is for my course friend, Mas Sidi.

Hmm.. I dont want to say too much about our friend. I'm afraid if the subject or the subject's closest people read this message.

So sad, you didnt came to the party ya (what kind of party, you know that). You said that you must took care of your Grandpa.
After me and my friend visited your home, I'm curious about the subject's clinic. You said you've read the name of the subject's brother. And I found it too after from.. you know, from the west.

I just want to tell you about the update of our friend's environment.
If you go to the subject's house from south, the street is really bad. Take a look at this pic for example:

But if you from north the street is not much have disturbing holes. It's weird right? Cause there are a lot of elite housing in that area :D

Hey! I'm not lost again like we did in the end of September 2007. You still remember that night right?
We got caught by the security haha lol

But I'm still not sure is this the subject's house?

I dont know who owned this red register number car.

As long as I remember, that car wasn't owned by the subject's family, right? Ya iyalah plat merah haha..

I think there's no guest. But I dont know exactly who drove that car. I dont want suspected as a thief or spy by the security again hehe...
So after taking that pic I runaway a.s.a.p haha....
And once again you didn't come to their party. This time is the subject's younger brother's turn. I have sent you a letter but why you don't respond it? Just text me, it's so simple right? It's ok if you don't wanna/can't come to the party but please next time please respond my messages ya, Mas. Because I want to hear your news, cause you've rarely check you fb again or maybe you don't wanna reply my messages? :(


Why I combine this posts? Cause they have correlation hehe.. du.. du.. du

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