Sabtu, 30 Januari 2010

Thanks God, We've Got Thanksgiving :)

It was blackout scheduled by Government's Electricity Company yesterday. After electricity turned back on, suddenly there's someone brought 2 box of meals :)

Thanks to Mr. Toni Wibowo's family who has given their Thanksgiving for celebrating their new son.

This thanksgiving is called "Aqiqah", that's a Moslem tradition if a family has a new child, so they should sacrificed at least a goat (if they can afford it). And like in Eid Adha, mostly we cook as a Gulai (curry).

Mr. Toni Wibowo's family had live in Prawirotaman III street but after the earthquake on May 27, 2006 they live in Parangtritis street. It's about 100 meters from Jogokaryan Intersection.

They have business, a computer shop, named Bintang Sejahtera Computer (BSC). But their business has no longer exist.

I hope your son will become a sholeh and devoted to his parents, Amin.

OK, Mr. Toni, thanks for the 2 piles lunch.. (worship)

Bon App├ętit... (hungry) (hungry)


I've been trying to upload this pics from 2am and I had succeeded at 18.55 (doh)

I wonder when Indonesia has good internet connection :(

Hello Mr. SBY and Mr. Menkominfo, instead of buying Crown Royal Saloon, better if you increase our national bandwidth. Or give subsidies to our local ISPs.

Mr. Toni Wibowo's Aqiqah

Mr. Toni Wibowo's Aqiqah

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